6 Fun Facts about Georgetown

6 Fun Facts about Georgetown

Six Fun Facts about Georgetown

Old Friends Farm (Instagram)

1. Did you know…  Old Friends is also the final resting place of many horse legends and champions of the turf that have passed. The farm has two cemeteries – a Champions Cemetery reserved for horses of special note (Derby winners, Eclipse champions, etc.) and a main cemetery.
“As the mythology goes, it was common to bury a horse’s head, heart and hooves – the idea being to represent his intellect, spirit and speed,” said Cindy Grisiola, chairperson of Old Friends’ board of directors and media coordinator. “As a rule, we cremate our horses. The ashes return in beautiful mahogany boxes that are then buried in our cemetery.” – Ways to Experience Breeders’ Cup 2020

Toyota Visitors Center

2. Did you know… Kaizen (continuous improvement in Japanese) is essential to Toyota’s company culture. This moto encourages employees to make suggestions and ideas to make changes for the better. 

Ward Hall

3. Did you know… The $50,000 price tag for Ward Hall, a 12,000-square-foot villa completed in 1857 and considered one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the South, was paid for in gold. 

Yuko-En park

4. Did you know Georgetown, KY has a sister city? Tahara, Japan, is located in Aichi Prefecture in central Honshu Island.  Yuko-en on the Elkhorn pays homage to Tahara, Japan. 
Named for the literal meaning of the words, “yuko-en” – friendship garden – it is based on such Japanese gardening principles as working in harmony with nature, weaving in symbolism, creating a miniature world and framing views beyond the garden that connect the garden to the world beyond its gates. – Yuko-En on the Elkhorn is a Different Kind of Spa Visit

Downtown Georgetown – Photo courtesy of Georgetown/Scott County Tourism

5. Did you know…  Downtown Georgetown has over 200 buildings listed on the National Historic Landmark Register. Experience a “Walk Through Time” with a step-by-step guide of all the historically preserved buildings along Main Street and corresponding side streets.

6. Did you know… Elijah Craig is accredited with these: Founder of Lebanon, which he renamed Georgetown; the first to use charred oak barrels for Bourbon; founded the first classical school for young boys in Kentucky (1788) now known as Georgetown College; first ropewalk; first saw, grist and paper mills; and first fulling mill, which has to do with cleansing cloth. 

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