Best of the Bluegrass

There is so much to see and do in and around Lexington and we wanted to present our favorites, or the Best of the Bluegrass (in our humble opinion) to you, our readers. We’ve compiled our lists and present them to you here. The lists continue to grow as we have more adventures. Check back often, comment on your favorites and let us know what we’ve yet to discover.

Lists with clickable links are populated or at least have one recommendation. Those without clickable links are in progress or a wish list of ours we hope to create in the future.

List Directory

Eat (& Drink)


  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Campgrounds
  • Places to Stay


  • Bookstore
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Christmas Activities
  • Dog Park
  • Easter Brunch/Easter Egg Hunt
  • Factory Tours
  • Fall Folliage
  • Festival
  • Fireworks
  • Fishing Spots
  • Golf Course
  • Halloween Activities
  • Hikes
  • Historic Homes & Estates
  • Holiday Light Displays
  • Horseback Rides/Stables
  • Live Music
  • Living History Sites
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Movie Houses
  • Mural (Exterior)
  • Museums
  • Nature Experiences
  • New Years Eve Party/Location
  • Night Club
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Public Sculptures
  • Shorelines & Beaches
  • St. Patrick’s DAy Party/Location/Event
  • Studios & Galleries
  • Summer Camps
  • Thoroughbred Farm
  • Tours
  • Unique Experiences
  • Venue for Live Music
  • Zip Line

What are we missing?

If there is a category you don’t see above, drop us a line via email or in one of our social media channels and we’ll look at adding it. Think we missed something that should be on a list, well reach out to us as well. We don’t know it all and are still exploring, each and every day. The ultimate goal of Adventures in Lexington is to be a comprehensive resource for those living here and visiting.

No limits to our lists

There are no set amounts of featured items to each list because we are constantly finding new places to eat, stay and play in the greater Lexington area. As well, unfortunately places may close, but we also see new places popping up nearly every day.

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