Best of the Bluegrass | Fried Chicken

Best of the Bluegrass Fried Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken – The Merrick Inn

Fried Chicken

The following restaurants serving fried chicken have been nominated via reader inquiry and interviews with other businesses in the area. For fried chicken, we are looking for crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside as well as what it’s served with and how it looks overall!

We do a thorough review of each fried chicken dish using a grading chart of ten criteria, scoring a 1 – 10. Restaurats make the “Best of the Bluegrass” list if they score a 90 or higher. Those scoring a between a 75 and 89 receive an honorable mention. Those receiving a score of 75 or higher are featured in a full blog post write-up. Click on the name of the restaurant to read the full review.

Best of the Bluegrass


Claudia Saunders Diner – Shelbyville
Indy’s – Lexington
Local Feed – Georgetown