Bizarre Bluegrass | Strange But True Kentucky Tales

Bizarre Bluegrass | Strange But True Kentucky Tales

Bizarre Bluegrass

I’ve started checking out interesting reads about Kentucky in General and then more specifically Lexington. Part of my reason for doing so is to provide fun and interesting reads in my newly launched Airbnb. This past week, I found a book that just had to be part of the collection: Bizarre Bluegrass, Strange But True Kentucky Tales.

From ghost towns to circus performers to mass hysteria, the Bluegrass State is no stranger to the strange. Read stories of famed President Abraham Lincoln you’ve never heard before. Find possible solutions to the mystery of Pearl Bryan’s missing head and decipher the outrageous hoaxes involving an unsolvable puzzle and monkeys trained to perform farm work. Learn about the time when the author wrote to Charles Manson as a joke and Manson wrote back–four times. Join author Keven McQueen as he recounts some of the weirder vignettes from Kentucky lore.

This is an interesting book that you can pick up and put down easily based on the short tales inside. Each tale is well written and captivating and short enough to hold anyone’s attention. The stories included are:

Table of Contents

Little-Known Lincoln Stories
Kentucky Ghost Towns
Two Missing Persons
Don’t Give Up the Day Job
Blue Goon of Kentucky
Some Mother’s Boy
Pearl’s Head
Circus Trouble
Don’t Get Back to Where You Once Belonged, Jo-Jo
Clay County Creepiness
The Great Madison County Monkey Hoax
Charivari Shakedowns
Professor Tobin Baffles Louisville, Then the World
The Second Beethoven’s First
Charles Manson Surprises an Idiot

Author, Keven McQueen was born in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1967. He has degrees in English from Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University and is a senior lecturer in composition and world literature at EKU. He has written nineteen books on history, the supernatural, historical true crime, biography and many strange topics, covering nearly every region of the United States.

Bizarre Bluegrass, Strange But True Kentucky Tales is available from Arcadia Publishing.

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