Blanton Botanical Gardens at Buffalo Trace

Blanton Botanical Gardens at Buffalo Trace

There is more than a distillery tour offered at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Did you know they offer a Blanton Botanical Gardens Tour on select Fridays? This seasonal tour is 90 minutes and offered for those 12 and over. Wanting to know more about the grounds we paid a visit to Stony Point at Buffalo Trace.

Stony Point

Private residence built in 1934 by Col. Albert Bacon Blanton

Home was built in 1934 by Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton as a private residence for him and his wife. A beautiful example of an arts and crafts style, this house retains its original woodwork and intricate detail. A nature lover, avid bird watcher and gardener, Colonel Blanton designed the gardens around his home to attract many different types of birds. Colonel Blanton liven in the house until his death in 1959 spending many hours bird watching from the sun porch on the second floor. Today this house serves as office for distillery staff.

Blanton Botanical Garden

Warehouse X

Located near Stony Point and the Botanical Gardens is Warehouse X. Built in 2013, this experimental warehouse is designed to explore the limits of environmental influences on the quality of whiskey. Constructed with four independent barrel chambers plus one open air chamber, Warehouse X allows for experimentation into variables such as temperature, humidity, air flow, sunlight and more.

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