Cynthiana: The Muraled City

Cynthiana: The Muraled City

After seeing several stunning photos on social media of the murals around Lexington and Cynthiana, a field trip was in order. There are 10 murals and 13 secret fairy door murals within this small town, making for a fun walking tour on a sunny day. The murals range in size from 4 inches to 40 feet tall.

Cynthiana Mural

Pocket Park on Main St. Painted in 2019 by Wylie Caudill for the pocket park. This one was commissioned by Stephanie Burden. She owns Flower Depot just across the street from the pocket park. This mural was a two day project. The city helped Wylie set up scaffolding and he painted it all with a brush.

Cynthiana Distillery Mural in Kentucky

Cynthiana Distillery Mural

218 South Walnut Street. Completed in the fall of 2017 by Lexington artist, Jerielle Hanlon. The mural took nearly two weeks to complete and was done using only brushes and paint. This was Hanlon’s first mural and features four bottles from once prominent distilleries in Cynthiana and Harrison County.

The World's Largest Walking Dead Mural

The World’s Largest Walking Dead Mural

Located behind the City Office Building at 141 East Pike Street. The mural was commissioned in 2016 and completed by Sergio Odeith in only five days. Spray paint was used to complete the entire mural and features the four main characters of the television show; Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne and Darryl Dixon.

Joe B Hall Mural in Cynthiana Kentucky

Joe B. Hall Mural

128 South Main Street. Mural was completed in 2017 by Serio Odeith, the same artist that completed the Walking Dead Mural. Odeith completed the mural with spray paint only in four days. The mural pays tribute to well know Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach and is from Cynthiana.

Space Wings mural in Cynthiana Kentucky

Space Wings

Clarey Alley on the back of Vanhoook’s Hardware. Painted by Wylie Caudill in 2018. This was commissioned by the Cynthiana Arts Council and was about a 4 or 5 hour project. Most of it was painted with a brush but some spray paint was used. This mural was a slight recreation of a chalk drawing that Wylie had done several months prior.

Gothic wings in Cynthiana Kentucky

Gothic Wings

Clarey Alley o the side of the Rohs Opera house. The wings are fitting to this historical building due to it being labeled as the third most haunted building in Kentucky. Completed in 2018 by local artist Wylie Caudill. This was commissioned by Roger Slade, a co-owner of the Rohs Opera. He was intersted in having some dark wings painted. They took just a few hours to paint using a brush but no spraypaint. 

Vet Clinic Mural

Completed by Wylie Caudill in 2019.

Tow Mater Mural

202 West Pike Street on the side of Dailey’s Body Shop.

Licking River Mural in Cynthiana Kentucky

Licking River Mural

208 South Main Street. One of the oldest murals in town and soon to be restored to it’s former glory along with the Bull Durham mural.

Bull Durham Mural Cynthiana Kentucky

Bull Durham Mural

109 East Bridge.

A recent project was also completed at Roh’s Opera House and in the local library. We’ve added these to our Bucket List in addition to the 13 fairy doors.

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