Epic Tacos, Drinks and Locations – Agave and Rye

Epic Tacos, Drinks and Locations – Agave and Rye

I’ve driven past Agave and Rye in downtown Lexington about a hundred times and the mural on the side of the building has always intrigued me. Recently I had the chance to visit their location during a Food Tour with Bites of the Bluegrass (highly recommended by the way – more on that later).

Bar at Agave and Rye Lexington

First of all, this place has epic artwork both outside and inside the building. If you find yourself out and about and walk by this place, take the time to stop and take a selfie at the mural gracing the outside of their building.


Even better is if you have time to swing inside for a drink, a dessert or an epic full on meal. It’s crazy fun inside – the artwork speaks for itself and again is very instagram and selfie worthy.

Bee Sting at Agave and Rye

The food is as well. During the food tour I was on, we tried the most amazing and crazy drink called the Bee Sting. This drink packs a punch and something quite different – a buzz button. A Bee Sting is the house silver tequila, whiskey, fresh lime juice, sugar water, Augostura bitters, and ginger beer. Already packs a punch right – now add a buzz button. This thing reminds me of something out of Horton Hears a Who. You can lick it, take a small bite or nibble of this button. It basically puts your tongue or mouth into a weird zone. I really don’t know how to describe it – kind of feels like going to the dentist and having a shot of novocain. Your mouth starts to feel funny and tingly – then you take a bite of the bee sting and the experience is just heightened. This really is something you have to experience. There is no reasonable description and quite literally it’s different for everyone.

Mac N Cheese Beignets

The other thing we tried was the killer Mac N Cheese Beignets. Oh my gosh!!! These little power houses have sweet and spicy bacon inside and are served with a side of habanero maple dipping sauce. You’ll be in heaven!

I’m looking forward to returning to try one of their epic tacos. If you think you know tacos – you have another thing coming. Check out their long list of chef inspired takes on the standard taco.

Agave and Rye has multiple locations. Epic locations. We are lucky enough to have one right here in heart of Downtown Lexington.

Agave and Rye
123 N. Broadway, Lexington
Monday – Wednesday 11am – 12am
Thursday – Saturday 11am – 1am
Sunday 11am – 10pm
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