Explore Over 30 Murals in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Explore Over 30 Murals in Murfreesboro Tennessee

As many of you know, I love hunting down murals or “mural chasing” in any city I visit. Here’s the running list of street art and murals that have been confirmed in Murfreesboro, TN.

FMO Mural | 531 NW Broad St

FMO Mural in Murfreesboro, TN

Greenhouse Ministries | 309 S Spring St

Painted by Experience Community Church

Dodge Gas Station

This one is a little tricky at first because it’s not visible from the street. It’s located under the bridge next to the small river that is behind Dodge’s Gas Station. The mural spans the entire underside of the bridge and cannot be captured in a full photo. To see more photos of the entire mural, check out our Wordless Wednesday post.

Patterson Park Community Center Murals

This is one of 4 murals located inside the Patterson Park Community Center, The oldest mural is believed to be over 31 years old and is in the original portion of the building. One of the murals was painted by the Youth at the center and one mural is the entire inside of one of the classrooms. To see all four murals, check out the Wordless Wednesday post.

Starbrite Carwash

Go Blue Raiders! Murfreesboro, TN is located on the side of Starbrite Carwash. This is a great location for selfies.

Graffitti Alley | The Square

Graffiti Alley is a fun and vibrant, eclectic collection of street art that is changing all the time. To see the full area, check out our Wordless Wednesday post.

L&L Contractors | Private Business

This is a fun mural that is painted in the basement office and work area for L&L Contractors. The buildings have quite a history and this mural just adds to the ambiance and vibe of the entire office setting.

For a list of murals in other cities and a comprehensive look at our coverage, visit the Murals page.

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