Fresh Produce and More at the Farmer’s Market

Fresh Produce and More at the Farmer’s Market

Nothing thrills me more than shopping for fresh produce, flowers, meats and more at the local Farmer’s Market. We have a wonderful market in my hometown of Georgetown that is hosted every Saturday through the summer from 9am – 1pm. The market begins on the Second Saturday in May and is held weekly through the third Saturday of September.

This past weekend, the market was hopping with people practicing social distancing and supporting our local businesses and farmers.

I picked up the most amazing smelling loofah n’ there soap from Open Window Scents. The smell alone makes you want to hop in the shower. My bathroom smells fantastic. This is the best soap for shaving!!! It rubs away the dead skin from my legs and leaves them silky soft after shaving.

And, strawberries from Evans Orchard could not be beat! These certainly didn’t last long once I got them home. Knowing they were fresh picked beats any super market produce.

A little surprise for the family, was cinnamon rolls from Sweet Owen Sweets. The week before I had picked up his homemade bread – so delicious.

Annie’s Flowers

Who could pass up flowers. Not wanting to decide between Annie’s Flowers and Gray Arbor Farm. We ended up getting from both!!

Gray Arbor Farms

There was an abundance of fruits, from peaches to strawberries, and veggies, from tomatoes to cucumbers to green beans and so much more.

Georgetown Farmers Market
N. Broadway and Washington Street
Enjoy the freshness and flavor of locally grown fruits & vegetables by bringing home in-season, garden fresh quality while buying locally!

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