Georgetown Riding Academy | Driving Lesson

Georgetown Riding Academy | Driving Lesson

My daughter is an accomplished equestrian having ridden since she was 8 and competed in Dressage and Eventing since she was 10. One of her dreams however was to take a driving lesson to learn another craft within the equine sport. We were so excited to learn about Georgetown Riding Academy, which happens to be only 10 minutes from out home.

Kristin and William were spot on and responsive from the moment we sent an inquiry. Scheduling Hannah’s first lesson was so easy. Excited for her first lesson, we headed over to the barn and were greeted by Kristin and Will as we approached the office. After a quick signing of the waiver needed to ride at the barn, we were off to fetch the pony and tack up.

While Hannah has ridden horses for years, tacking up a horse for a driving lesson was something brand new. Kristin was wonderful in walking Hannah through tacking up the horse and introducing her to the beautiful pony she would be working with for the day.

After tacking up the pony, it was off to the beautiful indoor arena to learn about attaching the cart and driving. The indoor arena is stunning and quite large, which accommodates lessons as well as driving indoors quite well. Once again, Kristin was thorough and super hands on during the introduction of attaching the cart to the pony. Learning about the cart and how to properly attach it to the pony was fun and educational.

Now was the moment of truth, the actual driving lesson. Kristin started Hannah off with a lunge line attached to the pony to help guide Hannah in learning the mechanics of driving. Once Hannah was comfortable, Kristin removed the lunge line and Hannah was trotting around the arena by herself. What impressed me the most was how hand-n Kristin was while giving Hannah freedom to learn to drive by herself, without the lunge line. Kristin walked near the cart and horse at all times but wasn’t intrusive to Hannah learning to drive and having a great experience.

Not only is Hannah hooked and can’t wait to book her next lesson, as a mom, I am equally as excited to return to Georgetown Riding Academy. Kristin and William have a very special place and I can only imagine how much the kids love riding there.

Georgetown Riding Academy offers a free introductory lesson! Take advantage of this great opportunity to get on a horse yourself, introduce your kids to riding, or try your hand at driving. I guarantee you won’t regret this experience and who knows, we may just see you around the barn.

They are also offering a horsemanship Camp July 23 – 25 and Unicorn Camp for younger riders August 8 – 9.

If you’d like to read about Hannah’s experience firsthand, check out her blog about the experience over on The Geek Equestrian.

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