Get Cozy at the Lexington Opera House

Get Cozy at the Lexington Opera House


My daughter and I moved to Georgetown in June and then she started college in August, so it’s been a whirlwind for us for the past 6 months. One of the things we miss is going to the theater and seeing Broadway performances and concerts. When she asked for tickets to Kinky Boots at the Lexington Opera House, how could I resist.

The Lexington Opera House

This past weekend we headed over to the Lexington Opera House after a snow storm and in super cold temperatures. While it was cold and blustery outside, it was nice and warm inside.

The Lexington Opera House is stunning. It’s an 1886 Opera House that has been restored to it’s glory and is just as inviting today as I am sure it was back in the day. We parked across the street in one of the nearby parking garages, which only charges $3 on the weekend, no matter how long you stay. Parking was easy and a quick walk to the theater.

Upon entering, we were greeted by friendly staff who quickly scanned our tickets and checked our bags. A fun selfie station was set up with volunteers to make sure you had all of the necessary props, including the red “kinky boots,” and another volunteer to capture the memory on your phone. The party in front of us had a service dog who even got into the picture by wearing a bright purple boa and I am pretty sure he smiled for the camera.


Before the Show

As we had arrived early, we headed up to the 2nd floor lounge and grabbed a themed pastry from partner, Sweet Spot. As we sat in the lounge, we checked out the portraits of the various performers who had graced the stage at the Opera House as well as checked out the autographed show posters.

Once they opened the doors, we headed to our seats. We were in the very top row of the theater, dead center. While I am not a fan of heights, these seats weren’t bad. I only had a mild case of anxiety getting to our seats, but the usher escorting us was helpful and friendly. The seats are older and thus not as plush as we are used to today, and they are a bit smaller than the average theater seat, but still comfortable and add to the nostalgia of the theater.


Not a Bad Seat in the House

Even though we were in the last row, in the top tier of the theater, we had amazing seats and the sound didn’t disappoint. Kinky Boots was a fun show that had the audience laughing and cheering along with the storyline and the amazing cast.

We certainly will be back to check out more of many performances being presented this year at the Lexington Opera House. If you’ve not been, grab the kids, take a friend or go for a family outing – no matter who you take – just GO!!!

For More Information

The Lexington Opera House is located at 401 W. Short St. and the list of performances coming to the venue can be found at

Have you attended a performance at the Lexington Opera House? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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