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Emily Riddle Humans of Lexington
Photo by: Rainwater Photography

Tell me about Amsden Coffee Club & Gathered Mercantile
The Amsden Coffee Club is a cozy Parisian inspired coffee shop that features a variety of espresso drinks, coffee, tea, rotating specialty holiday and seasonal drinks, and locally made baked goods from the Midway Bakery.  Gathered Mercantile is a shop containing a mix of over 20 local vendors, vintage and new home decor, jewelry, gifts, and clothing. Both are housed in the Amsden building, one of the oldest buildings in the heart of downtown Versailles that my husband and I completely renovated about 2 years ago.   

What inspired you to start your business?
The building really inspired us to start the coffee shop and mercantile.  We bought it first with zero plans of what was going to go in it. We asked ourselves what we wanted for the downtown and what we thought would be successful. I had always wanted my own shop and had worked many years buying and selling things on the side building a following through local markets and selling online and at a local antique store.

Do you have a website for your business?  What are your social media links?
Yes we have a website for both Gathered Living ( and The Amsden (; social media- instagram: @gatheredliving @theamsden; facebook- /gatheredky   /theamsden; pinterest- @gatheredliving; youtube:

You also have a blog correct?  Tell me about it
Yes I do at it is pretty much the hub for everything I do including decorating projects, renovations, recipes, home decor, happenings at the Amsden, and more!  I try to post about 3-4 times a week so there’s always something new to check out!

Emily Riddle Amsden Coffee Club and Gathered Mercantile Versailles Kentucky
Photo by Sarah E Dunn Photo + Design

How has your business changed or adapted during the current COVID19 pandemic?
We added call ahead ordering, curbside, and online ordering very quickly.  I think we will actually continue to have that no matter what in the future. We have just been trying to stay as active as possible on social media and trying new things like going live, virtual sales, and virtual workshops.  I have been driving and delivering items people have bought through social media all over Lexington daily. I’ll do whatever it takes to make a sale!

How can the general public support you during this time?
We have mugs, bags of coffee, and more available for sale at both of the websites listed above.  We also have digital giftcards available at that you can use anytime! Any visit is appreciated, even if it is just for a single cup of coffee!  Follow us on social media to keep up with any future offerings or fun things we may add too!

What’s your guilty pleasure?  
It used to 100% be soda.  I was obsessed with Mountain Dew and had to have one everyday.  I’ve since stopped drinking it though and trying to drink pretty much only water.  I still love my sweets though, espeically Reese cups! I also love some trashy reality TV, all the housewives franchies I have watched from the very beginning. But I have never watched a single episode of the bachelor- so I guess it balances out. 

What movie could you watch on an endless loop? 
Steel Magnolias is my all-time favorite movie.  I know it ends so sad, but overall I love every character and scene, especially since it stars my favorite person of all time, Dolly Parton.  Just the perfect depiction of southern life. In a completely different direction, I also love 70s-80’s action movies (Die Hard is my favorite) and old horror movies.  So that will tell you how all over the place my interests are!

What is your most prized possession?
The jewelry I wear daily (particularly my rings). My wedding ring of course, which is vintage art deco, and then I have another ring that’s made from stones from each of my grandmother’s jewelry and then my grandmother’s engagement ring.  

What places or adventures are still on your bucket list?  
I am dying to take a trip to the Northeast and just explore all the little towns and cities up there. Upstate New York to Maine and everything in between.  

What’s the one thing in life you’re so glad you did?
Moving to Versailles.  I did not know it at the time but it opened up an entire new world of opportunity for us and we love it here.  While small town life is very brand new to me and can sometimes be frustrating (with the gossip and everyone knowing everyone’s business), I really believe Versailles is perfectly situated to give you the best of both worlds.  I was born and raised in Lexington and still am there daily for work/errands but I get to come home and live in the cutest, most picturesque Kentucky town full of so much history and such wonderful people.