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Tell me about Meeks Fashion
E.F. Meeks offers unique and colorful hand sewn bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, and large ladies’ scarves (the pocket squares can also be used as short neck scarves for ladies).  E.F. Meeks is based in Lexington, Kentucky and embodies a boutique-style brand capable of providing customized and striking accessories for our clients.  I intend to expand the offerings in the future to possibly include a shift dress as well as some other accessories based on the market. 
Just a little background; the company pays homage to my grandfather, Eugene F. Meeks and the brand was created to keep not only his name, but his spirit alive.  He was an Air Force Colonel, Kentucky Colonel, and varsity football player at University of Kentucky.  It’s safe to say that he never met a stranger and always enjoyed a good party with friends and family.  Unfortunately, while I was in college, he was diagnosed and eventually passed from Alzheimer’s.  At that time, I chose to remember his spirit — rather than the disease, by wearing his bright and unique sport coats to events and occasions in his honor. I’ve expanded that tribute into E.F. Meeks, a brand that embraces bright colors, fun patterns, and the occasions that bring friends and family together.  Our goal is to make “dressing-up” exciting again and to build confidence through timeless and unique accessories.  After all, “Looking good is a family tradition”, and if it is not, let’s make it one!  I’d be happy to give more detail about our story and my grandfather if needed but that is a quick synopsis.  My hope is that E.F. Meeks will grow enough to be a big donor for Alzheimer’s research in the future!

What is your background?
As far as fashion or textile work I have no background in either.  I graduated from Transylvania University with a degree in Accounting and went a couple years to law school.  I currently have a full-time job as an Accounting Analyst here in Lexington.  Definitely using both sides of the brain! : )

What inspired you to start your business?
A friend asked me to wear a bow tie to a Keeneland or Derby event and take a picture to use on social media for their own brand.  This individual had always liked the way I dressed over the years pairing vintage and new pieces of clothing to create my own style that included my grandfather’s vintage coats, ties, etc.  After I had the picture taken I kind of had “a ha” moment of “why the hell am I not doing this myself? I have always worn by grandfather’s coats as way of honoring him, why not start a clothing brand to do the same!”

Do you have a website? What are your social media links?  IG:@meeksfashion FB: E.F. Meeks

Where can people find your products?
On the website. 
Lexington: The Keeneland Shop, Crittenden Rawlings (both locations), Logan’s, Keeneland Mercantile
Louisville: The Hat Girls, Him’s Gentleman’s Boutique (both locations), Circe+SWAG, Headcandi. 
We would love to be in many many more stores in the region so please contact us if you are interested in carrying us in your stores. 

How has your business changed or adapted during the COVID19 pandemic?
Our business has definitely slowed us down during this time with Keeneland canceled and the postponement of Derby.  We continue to produce products with the hopes we will have a surge of business once this virus has passed.  I’ve made some steps to try to transition to making cotton masks but we are not there yet.

How can the general public support you and your business during this time?
First and foremost visit our social media accounts and take a look; follow us and please share with your friends and family.  I am a big believer in 3 degrees of separation and with the public’s help I think this brand can grow tremendously by sharing the brand, our story, and our purpose.  Please get online and shop with us or reach out if you have a wedding planned in the future that you want custom accessories.  We also do junior sizes by request so please reach out for those kids picture days or new bow ties and ties for school uniforms when school is back in session.

A little bit about you personally. Who is the bravest person you know?
he bravest person I’ve known was probably my grandmother Lillian Haddix Meeks, she passed a few years ago at 96 years old and went through so much in her life.  She showed so much strength through her life and showed me how to love a spouse through good and bad.  She took care of my grandfather for as many years as she could and refused to date after he passed kindly declining offers with “I loved one man and will always be married to Gene”.

Who is your hero?
My hero is my father, Kenny Goff.  He has taught me so much throughout my life and has always been by my side; I intend to learn much more from him as I have just become a father.  He owned Kenny’s Electric in Lexington and taught me first hand how to run a small business with hard work, honesty, and a love for what you do.  

Eric Goff Meeks Fashion Family

What is your most prized possession?
My most prized possessions are my wife Jordan & my son Truitt Wayne.

What movie could you watch on an endless loop?
I can watch Dumb & Dumber on an endless loop.  I love laughing and I love to smile and that checks both those boxes.  My mother always said “Never let anyone take your smile!”

What is your favorite place on earth?
My favorite place on Earth is Lake Cumberland, it is in my blood and in my twang and the water always has a way of soothing the soul.  A very close second is Keeneland, it embodies what this brand this brand is about, honoring the past and embracing the future,