Humans of Lexington | Lori Saunders

Writing a travel and food blog, contacts at the local tourism offices are key for me. I actually met Lori at the Kentucky Horse Park in one of the vendor booths shortly after moving to Kentucky and she provided me great insight into what the area had to offer. Lori is the Executive Director for the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism office.

Lori grew up in Fleming County on a dairy and tobacco farm. She wanted to go into Hotel & Restaurant Management and dreamed of being on a tropical island. She didn’t travel, so what she knew of the world she had seen on tv. She also thought about being a flight attendant but she met a boy and chose a different path. That boy was always coming to Georgetown because of the Toyota plant and kept telling her that she had to see the town, so they checked it out. It was still a small town and ended up being where they would call home.

When she first moved here she knew she needed to be involved and so she volunteered at anything and everything. She stayed at home until her boys were in high school, helping her husband with his construction company. Eventually she went to work at the local State Farm office and then went to work for the City of Georgetown in public works. Through that position she became very involved in all of the events in the community and worked with John Simpson in the tourism office. She would end up taking a job with John at the tourism office and eventually became the Executive Director.

“John was a great mentor. He helped me think outside the box as well as logistically.”

What is your favorite season?

Fall. I love fall fashion, the smell of fall with the leaves and grass – it just smells different. Its that in-between time. It’s also harvest and gathering and Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving means being with family and fall means the family being together and going to festivals every weekend. We love the sorghum festival – we went every year and brings back fond memories. I remember my boys being young and taking them out to the pig farm to get pumpkins.

What time of day are you the perkiest?

My husband says the minute my eyes open my mouth flies open. I am up at 4:30 am every day and I try to be quiet, but I am not naturally quiet. I go to bed with a smile on my face and that’s the same way I wake up. I also get my second wind of the day about 10 pm, so I guess I am perkiest more than once.

What is your pet peeve?

Time. People who are not considerate of other peoples time. I think you should show respect to others by being time conscious. My other pet peeve is people who leave their shopping carts all over the parking lot. I tend to go around and put all the carts in the cart return.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know if this is a guilty pleasure or not, but it’s what immediately comes to mind. Being in tourism you always have to be on your “A” game, smiling and always energetic. It’s not hard and it comes naturally for me. But my guilty pleasure is being home and being able to be me. If it’s been a rough day or just an off day, at home I can be me, or I can just be – I can be however.

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