Humans of Lexington |Luis and Nancy Dominguez

How long have you been with the Lexington Ballet?  What is your role and position?

Luis: We have been leading the Ballet since 2003 my position is Artistic Director.

Nancy: I have been with the Lexington Ballet for 16 years, my position is the School Director.  I teach all levels in the school Levels 1 and up.

How long have you been in the Lexington area?  Were you born here or are you a transplant?

Luis: We have been here since 2003 after a long dance career in New York City

Nancy: I was born in Albany, NY.  I moved to Lexington in 2003 after being selected with my husband Luis to direct the Lexington Ballet.

What do you love most about Lexington?

Luis: The kids in the school of the Lexington Ballet

Nancy: I love that Lexington is a family friendly city, we raised our 16 year old son here!

What advice do you have for a young dancer?

Nancy: Be open minded,  work hard and stay determined to reach your goals.  Work for yourself, compete with yourself.  Love what you do!

Who was your biggest influence as a dancer?

Luis: Arthur Mitchell

Nancy: My biggest influence was my very supportive mom.  I was also very lucky to have trained with amazing teacher’s such as Michael Steele, Tomislav Vukovich, Maria Tallchief, Marjorie Tallchief, among others.  I also had the privilege to work under Arthur Mitchell at Dance Theatre of Harlem.

You’ve performed in the most prominent theatres in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the United States.  Which theater was your favorite and why?

Luis: I have a couple, one of them is the Acropolis in Greece because it is so ancient and has an incredible historic importance. Another is the Marinsky Theater in Leningrad because it ‘s importance in Ballet

What advice would you give to parents wanting their children to participate in dance programs?

Nancy: I would say even if their children do not go into dance as a career it can give them valuable life learning experiences, such as discipline, work ethic, time management, not to mention health benefits! It also gives them an appreciation for the arts.  I believe dance makes people better human beings.

How do you see the ballet classes at the Lexington Ballet growing in the future?

Nancy: I hope to see our enrollment grow by continuing to stand out in our community with excellent classical ballet training. We also offer unique performance experiences to our students which include dancing alongside professional company dancers, no recitals.  All of our instructors in the school are or have been professional dancers in the past, with a vision to pass on the valuable information we learned in our careers. Our Adult Ballet program is also growing and we hope to continue to add classes/programs for them as well!

What is your vision for the program?

My vision is to continue to grow the school and maybe one day have a building of our own with more studios/space so we can offer a variety of classes other than only classical ballet.  I would also like to see more boys join our school program, we would love to offer a Pas De Deux class!