Humans of Lexington | Cory Cooley

Humans of Lexington | Cory Cooley

Photo provided by Cory Cooley

Tell me about Cooltucky and Woodford Charm Magazine – What is your role in each and if you are a founder, what inspired you to start them?
First there was an idea to start a magazine. I have a background in marketing, my brother and sister in law have a photography business and my mother knows places, information and people in Woodford that most museums won’t know. So together we each make up The Woodford Charm. I created Cooltucky Creative from the work I was already doing in the Charm and  with a few people around town. I just put a name on and Cooltucky Creative grew from there. 
What inspired us to start the magazine was out of pure love for our community. A way to give back by pulling our collective talents together into one project as a family. 
What inspired me to start Cooltucky was my love for creative content. To find fun, interesting a most times “different” ways to solve people’s issues. Be it with how do I get a clothing deal my business is running out there to how do we get more people to know more about Woodford County and visit! 

What do you like most about your job at Cooltucky and Woodford Charm?
I love the fact that I work with family. Also, that I get to do what I love. It doesn’t ever really feel like work.

What’s on the horizon for each business?
There are some big things coming from both The Woodford Charm and Cooltucky Creative. A lot of fun collaborations. I always try and keep pushing the envelope. Do something different. Do something better. Do something bigger! 

Now, let’s get to know you a bit more

What places or adventures are still on your bucket list?
I am completely content with where I’m at in life and what/where I’ve been in the past. Don’t really have any aspirations as of yet to do anything too adventurous. Maybe survive my daughters first year of kindergarten coming up?

Have you ever had a mentor?  How did they help shape you as a person?
I have had several personal “mentors” over the years. Some I know and some that have never met me like Bob Iger or Jeff gooby and Rich Silvertein. But the two that stand out would have to be my mother and my grandfather. I look up to what they have endured and overcome and where they are. If I can somehow mimic that in some small percentage I think I’d be doing alright. 

What’s your no-fail go-for-it motivational song?
There are so many but Runaway by Kanye West comes to mind. Murder In the City by Avett Brothers. Nights in White Satin by The Moddy Blues. Paradise by the Dash Board Light by Meatloaf. I mean, it’s impossible I can’t choose.

What’s the one thing in life you’re so glad you did?
Joining the Marine Corps. It taught me to be a Son, husband, and father. Which allowed me to be and have all those things. 

What’s the best mistake you ever made?
If Probably not taking college serious enough. It’s hard to say because I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and everything if done right and especially wrong has led me to my life now.

If you could choose any magical power, what would it be?
To manipulate gravity. Gravity bends time and matter. Just think about the possibilities.

What’s one thing you’d change about yourself?
I’d love to be taller. Haha

What is your pettiest pet peeve?
When you say “Hi” to someone on the street and they absolutely say nothing back. I know they heard me! Haha

What is one thing not many people know about you?
I don’t watch Kentucky Basketball religiously. Not a huge sports guy. Love to tail gate but I could tail gate a chess match and be happy. Great now that I have admitted it I’ll have to move.

Finally, a few travel and tourism questions about Woodford County and Lexington

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Woodford County and Lexington?
Rolling oven Taproom in Versailles and Wallace Station in Midway. Some people may not classify Wallace as being in Midway per say but I do! Lexington, probably local taco. Those steak fajitas.

Do you have any favorite food trucks?
Go Go Burger. Beer cheese burger. Powww!

Horse Country, Brewgrass Trail or Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Pick one. Why?
Pick one!? Guys come on! I guess all I can say is Bourbon is bourbon you know?

What is something that you can experience in Woodford County/Lexington that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world?
In Woodford, you are always 5 minuets from beautiful horse farm views, eclectic and boutique shops, bars and restaurants. You can visit places you’d normally have to travel days to get to in minutes. You can come here for a weekend and experience so many things and still have plenty of weekends to book down the road. 

Give us three go-to spots for some family fun in the Bluegrass Region.
Eckert’s orchard. Any one of Woodford’s block parties. Picnic at Wildside Winery.

Give us your 3 “must go” events that take place in Lexington.
Thursday Night Live is always a good time. That’s the only one I can think of! 

What are three awesome go-to spots for entertaining out-of-town guests?
The McCracken Mile checks those boxes. All day.

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