Humans of Lexington | Elisha Holt – Wildside Winery

Humans of Lexington | Elisha Holt – Wildside Winery

What about the wines you offer? Will you be keeping all of the ones you offer now, discontinuing some or expanding the list?

We have some big plans when it comes to wines. Before we took over we really thought that there were too many wines on the menu. There are over 30. We really thought that we would pare that down as most wineries have 10 to 12, and that’s much more manageable. Having been in it for this time period, I would say that was 100% wrong. People love coming in and seeing the variety, whether you’re a dry, a sweet or a mid range drinker, you’re gonna find not just one or two that you like you’re gonna find eight that you like.

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