Humans of Lexington | Lee Northcutt – Scout and Scholar Brewing

Humans of Lexington | Lee Northcutt – Scout and Scholar Brewing

Lee Northcutt Scout and Scholar Brewing Bardstown

When did you first become interested in brewing beer?
I first discovered craft beer when I was working at Mellow Mushroom in Tampa. As I tried different beers we would tap there, I was able to get a good friend on board the craft beer train. He was able to procure a job at a startup brewery as a brewer. I was fortunate enough that he brought me into the mix to help him and also help in the taproom. As time went on as with any startup business we all held many hats and were able to experience many things. I found myself in charge of all operations. I was also able to do an online course from the Siebel Institute of Technology for brewing which helped spark my interest and hone in on my passion. After moving on from that job I worked at another brewery as a brewer. When the head brewer of that brewery left, I was fortunate enough to become head brewer. After being there for 3 years, I felt like the next step in my career should be to build a brand from the ground up from the brewing side. Here we are.

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