Humans of Lexington | Lenny Shulman – Author

Humans of Lexington | Lenny Shulman – Author

” Like many people who get involved in the horse business, I got involved because my dad took me to the racetrack when I was young. Once a year he would also take me to Belmont Park, and I started keeping files and cards on the horses. Unfortunately my father passed away when I was very young but there was this little town called Westbury New York that happened to have one of the most famous harness racing tracks in the world at the time. So when I was in high school, I would tell my mother I was going to the movies a couple of times a week and off I would go to the harness racing track. I tell you, Hollywood wasn’t making enough movies to cover the amount of time I used that excuse to go to the track. “

To read more about how Lenny Shulman got started in the horse industry, click here.

Lenny Shulman is the author of Justify: 111 Days to Triple Crown Glory.

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