Humans of Lexington | Melanie VanHouten – Josephine Sculpture Park

Humans of Lexington | Melanie VanHouten – Josephine Sculpture Park

Today is the start of Tourism Week. With the current pandemic, travelling looks quite different now and for the foreseeable future. As tribute, we will be publishing our Humans of Lexington each day this week highlighting someone that makes the Bluegrass State that much more interesting.

We kick off with Melanie VanHouten of the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY.

The park has a special meaning for you as not only are you the founder and this is your home, but the property belonged to your grandmother.  What inspired you to make it a public art nature park?
My grandmother, Josephine always encouraged my creativity and I spent so much time outdoors playing all over this farm as a child. It was 100 acres back then, and offered so much to explore. Those experiences connected me to the land in a very intimate way, and I grew to care about the environment because of that relationship.  She also encouraged me to dream big and to believe in myself.  That was an incredible gift that she gave to me, which has bolstered my eagerness to share the property with others. She was very involved in her community as well, and I wanted to continue to honor that spirit of community and giving something back. I want all kids to have those kinds of positive experiences in nature, and that is how JSP came to be. 

To read out entire interview with her, click here.

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