Humans of Lexington | Susan Buckmaster – Berea College

Humans of Lexington | Susan Buckmaster – Berea College


What is your background and how has it led you to your position at the Visitors Center and with Berea College Trace project.  
OH!  My background is very colorful.  I worked in marketing for many years before taking a 180 degree turn in my career.  For nine of those years in business, I worked for Brown-Forman in Louisville.  I ran the licensing department, working mainly on Jack Daniel’s.  For our brands, the homeplace was such an important part of the brand experience.  And this experience is part of the reason I’m doing what I’m doing now. 
Chapter two of my career began after Brown-Forman, when I was tired of working in corporate America.  I went back to school and got a master’s degree in social work.  From there, I’ve done a few different things, all of which ultimately led me to Berea College.  My history in the business world, combined with my desire to work at a place where my work is meaningful and helps others led me to Berea College. 
At the end of every day, the work I’m doing supports an institution that values the same things I value:  education, diversity, gender equality and so much more.  My role working on the Berea College Trace gives me an opportunity to share Berea College with others. 

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