It’s All In The Name, More Than Cake

It’s All In The Name, More Than Cake

More Than Cake | Georgetown

In my search for great baked goods and goodies, I popped in to More Than Cake in Georgetown to get a first hand look at what they offered and to check out their Chicken & Dumplings which had been mentioned to me on more than one occasion.

From the outside, you really have no idea how bright and colorful this place is until you step inside and realize the expanse. It’s open and airy, but inviting and homey at the same time.

In addition to the bright and open interior, they also have a pet-friendly patio. The location can be rented out for parties both inside and in the courtyard. They recently hosted a wedding reception. Outside is unlimited in the number of guests, but inside events are capped at 65 people.

While my primary reason for stopping in wasn’t lunch, I had to try the Chicken & Dumplings as I had heard about them from several people. I have to admit, this was my first experience with Chicken & Dumplings and it won’t be my last. The bowl was filled with a hearty serving that was great on a rainy day. The dumplings are drop style with a broth that is spiced to perfection. The home cooked quality will have you feeling like mom cooked you lunch. Accompanied with homemade toast, it is sure to warm heart and soul anytime of year. On a side note, More Thank Cake also offer vegan choices for breakfast and lunch.

There is a lunch special daily. Top sellers are Chicken & Dumplings, Southwest Omelet, Downtown Hot Brown and Biscuits and Gravy. You can order breakfast all day long, and many patrons take full advantage of this offering.

Upon my arrival, this place was hopping as the owner was busily preparing a last minute order of 40 custom cupcakes for a customer. Quality was not to be spared and I am certain the customer was going to be nothing but elated with the product provided.

Top selling baked goods at More Than Cake include their Death by Chocolate Cake, Turnovers and Cookies. The menu for what baked goods will be offered changes daily. If there is something you just have to have, orders are always welcome. More than cake needs a 1 – 2 day notice on most items. They can even produce a 3-dimensional cake for you but need about a 3 week notice so the internal support structure can be designed and built.

More Than Cake started as Perfect Harmony Catering in 2011 with name inspiration from Leshia’s sister’s store, Perfect Harmony. Leschia went back to school in 2012 to get her degree and she and her husband bought the lot the business now stands on in 2015. Leshia finished school in 2016 and officially opened More Than Cake on September 9, 2016. The business saw a name change in 2015 when people kept asking, “What do you do?” and Leshia would reply, “more than cake, we do baked goods, soup……”

More Than Cake
150 W. Main St., Georgetown
9 – 5 Tues – Sat

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