Kentucky Bourbon Country – the Must Have Field Guide

Kentucky Bourbon Country – the Must Have Field Guide

Kentucky Bourbon Country Field Guide cover by Wildsam

I know a lot about Kentucky – or so I thought. After receiving a copy of the Kentucky Bourbon Country field guide by Wildsam, I realize now that I know very little. Wildsam produces fantastic pocket size field guides that are a must have for any location. While I’ve only had my field guide for a week, it’s already marked up, dog-tagged and high-lighted with notes in the margins.

Wildsam Field Guides: Kentucky Bourbon Country leads travelers into the heart of the state with its pastures, knobs, rivers and waterfalls along with guidance from trusted locals and experts. Local contributors include bourbon expert Maggie Kimberly, food and culture writer Ashlie Stevens, author and professor Jason Kyle Howard, activist and poet Hannah L. Drake, celebrated chefs Ouita Michel and Sam Fore, singer-songwriter Will Oldham, author and theatre producer Robert Gipe and Affrilachian poet Frank X Walker. This handsome volume features not only a deep dedicated section on bourbon, but also:Kentucky’s horse country;

  • landmarks such as Cumberland Falls, Kentucky’s own “Little Niagra” and Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world;
  • Louisville’s incredible park system;
  • the best in scenic drives;
  • and much more!
Interior page from Kentucky Bourbon Country Field Guide by Wildsam

First things first here – this is a pocket-size field guide so it’s perfect to throw in your purse, glove box, backpack, etc. Being it is small, the type is small so glasses may be needed by a portion of the population to read it.

Next, this guidebook has attitude. It’s great. You will learn so much from reading it about the area you are visiting. And it’s full-front, tell it like it is about the area. Kentucky Bourbon Country has the following chapters:

  • Essentials – trusted intel and travel info about iconic places and important topics
  • Atlas – a guide to the key places in the heart of Kentucky, curated favorites, cities and towns, and a road trip journey
  • Almanac – archival excerpts, timelines, clippings and other historical musings
  • Pursuit – a field guide to bourbon, with notes on history, craft, legendary distilleries, tasting and the best bars
  • Interviews – concise and meaningful one-way conversations with locals of note
  • Stories – personal essays and poems from writers with deep perspective on the landscape and culture of Kentucky
  • Directory & Index
  • Notes – a section for you to add your own musings
  • Foldout Map – not a huge one and one you will be able to re-fold to get back into the book
Bourbon Collecting Page from Kentucky Bourbon Country Field Guide by Wildsam

This is a field guide and not Fodor’s. Kentucky Bourbon Country gives you a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a lot to explore and discover. Order your copy from Arcadia Publishing.

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