Marbled Pig BBQ is out of this world deliciousness

Marbled Pig BBQ is out of this world deliciousness

Marbled Pig BBQ Georgetown Kentucky

I am a big fan of home cooking and small business. When you combine the two, it’s a home run in my book. I’d been seeing these amazing photos of bbq popping up in my social media for weeks and knew I had to find out more about Marbled Pig BBQ in Georgetown.

Marbled Pig BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork

This husband and wife team are cookin’ up quality bbq with local pick up for an experience that will have your belly full and your taste buds thinking they’ve gone to heaven. Chris and Katie have the making of a homerun business that is serving up Carolina style pork, Memphis style pork spare ribs, Texas style brisket and pulled Georgetown chicken. The sides of Bandit Beans and Smoked Mac are a few of our absolute favorites.

You need to be on your game, because as soon as Marbled Pig posts their offerings, a “Sold Out” message is soon to follow. They’ve got quite the following already despite just launching this year – amid the pandemic.

Chris is a local firefighter and Katie works for the local law enforcement. They have set the bar high for smoked meats and sides along with their mouth-watering sauces. Honestly, you don’t even need the sauce as their smoked meats pack enough flavor on their own.

The Bandit Beans come with candied and smoked pork belly accents and the Smoked Mac is loaded with Gouda and it’s mighty Good-a.

Smoked Mac and Cheese Marbled Pig BBQ Georgetown Kentucky

Keep a watchful eye on the Facebook Page to find out when they are smoking next and what they will be offering. They posted turkeys for the holidays and they are already, you guessed it, “Sold Out.”

Bandit Beans Marbled Pig BBQ Georgetown KY

As part of our Best of the Bluegrass, we put this local BBQ through our scoring system and they were a 99 out of 100 – making them our Best of the Bluegrass BBQ to date.

Chris and Katie
Marbled Pig BBQ
Facebook – @marbledpigbbq

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