Mural Chasing in Black Mountain North Carolina

Mural Chasing in Black Mountain North Carolina

Mural chasing is a hobby within my hobby of travel. It’s an addiction and I am always scouting public art and making lists of murals to track down in the towns on my upcoming itinerary. Below are the murals found in Black Mountain North Carolina on my last trip there.

Black Mountain North Carolina has a public art tour with a handy little brochure with its sculptures, murals and public art locations conveniently laid out. You can pick this brochure up at the Visitors Center or the Black Mountain Center for the Arts (BMCA).

Community Mural at Black Mountain Center for the Arts in Black Mountain North Carolina

I’d recommend starting at the BMCA as it houses the larges mural in town at 60′ x 40′. This mural depicts many of the wonderful art forms that happen at the Center for the Arts. The Mural was created in 2019 by Scott Allred and Jeremy Russell, both local artists.

Concrete Relief mural in Black Mountain North Carolina
ceramic tile mural at Black Mountain Center for the Arts
Grey Eagle Rock Mural in Black Mountain North Carolina

Also at the center, you can find a concrete relief and ceramic tile mural at the workshop. One is on each side of the building. To get there, I recommend heading to the corner and walking down the sidewalk so you can also catch a glimpse of the “Grey Eagle Rock” mural. Make sure to take it in not only from the front but from the bottom of the hill to see the “hidden” black bear.

Black Bear on Grey Eagle Rock Mural

From the Black Mountain Arts Center, head down the hill and check out the water shed mural that’s in the parking lot.

Water shed mural

As you look across the train tracks towards the Junction, you’ll see the I Love Black Mountain Mural painted on the side of a container as well as the Pizza Machine mural on the bus. The pizza place actually has two busses painted with very interesting artwork – worthy of selfies for certain.

I love Black Mountain mural
Pizza Machine Black Mountain Painted Bus

In the same parking lot as the I love Black Mountain and Pizza Machine murals, you’ll find this adorable black lab on the back of the building.

Black Labrador mural in Black Mountain North Carolina

If you travel from here along Sutton Ave, you’ll find the Black Mountain College mural. Continue on to the Roberta Flack mural at Black Mountain Brewing building. While you’re here, take a break, sit on the deck and grab a brew.

Black Mountain College mural
Roberta Flack mural in Black Mountain

If you do take the time to have a seat on the deck, peer across the parking lot to find a few playful characters on the side of the German restaurant.

Playful characters on side of German restaurant

From Black Mountain Brewing, head to the Town Square to view two playful sculpture pieces and a beautiful fountain. End across the street where you’ll find “Spirit” the horse.

Spirit horse mural in Black Mountain

Black Mountain Center for the Arts is a nonprofit community arts center in the heart of downtown Black Mountain North Carolina. They have rotating exhibits, a gift shop, concerts & plays, classes and workshops. They are open Monday – Friday from 10am – 5pm.

Black Mountain Center for the Arts
225 W. State Street

For more places to eat, play and stay in Black Mountain North Carolina, visit our USA Travel page.

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