Pamper Yourself and Help a Pup

Pamper Yourself and Help a Pup

Wildside Winery Gizmo Red Wine
Photo by Bluegrass Creative

As today is National Rescue Dog Day, it’s the perfect day to tell you about one of my favorite products – Gizmo from Wildside Winery.

Wildside Winery is located just outside of Versailles, Kentucky on Troy Pike!  I first found out about them at the Midway Chocolate Stroll in February. Elisha had brought along several different wines for a tasting in the Midway Maker’s Market. I was instantly in love with their Fearless wine, a sweet red.

Fearless is a delicious blend of Concord & Niagra AND the wineries number one seller! After tasting the wine, I had to see the winery. A few weeks later, I headed to their beautiful 30 acres in the heart of horse country and once again met up with Elisha. They were hosting Sangria Sunday and had Go Go Burger on property for food. A match made in heaven!

Wildside Winery Versailles Kentucky
Photo by Bluegrass Creative

Ever since, I’ve been a fan and now I am delighted to tell you about one of their latest ventures – Gizmo.  Wildside Winery’s Gizmo is a tribute to the owner’s female pup. Gizmo is a sweet red blend of Concord, Niagara and Estate Norton that you’re sure to find refreshingly delicious. Pamper yourself with a bottle and help a pup at the same time as $1 of each bottle is donated to a Kentucky Animal Rescue. The first rescue to benefit will be Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue. The rescues may vary so that Wildside can help where it’s most needed.

Follow Wildside Winery on Facebook to find out about their special events. This coming weekend they are having a drive in concert – which is SOLD OUT already! Elisha is an amazing host and knows how to put on one fantastic event. We can’t wait to see what they have next.

Gizmo Red Wine from Wildside Winery in Versailles Kentucky
Photo by Bluegrass Creative

Wildside Winery
5500 Troy Pike | Versailles | Kentucky | 859-879-3982

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