Work with Us

Adventures in Lexington is invited to a lot of events. Having a daughter that is a maestro with the camera and sees things in a different perspective also lends to some fun and interesting photos. Since we can’t possibly put them all into our blog posts or into our social media feed, we’ve added this special section to highlight our favorite images.

We’ve also added Wordless Wednesdays to our blog to feature additional photos taken around town and during our adventures.

NOTE: Photos from some of our adventures are also featured over on my daughter’s site The Geek Equestrian. Hop over there to see great photos and editing techniques.

Photo Galleries

Due to the incredible number of photos taken and the number of requests to use our photos on other sites and commercially, we’ve moved to SmugMug and have photos for sale. You will also see my daughter’s other passion, horses represented on this site as she is a show photographer in the area.

Travel photos can specifically be found here. This is a work in progress as we migrate thousands of photos over, so visit and check out what’s there and then plan to come back to see what’s been added.

If you are interested in using one of our images in your marketing materials, please contact us at adventuresinlexington (at) and we will be happy to discuss the specifics.

Work with Us

We love the great state of Kentucky….so much so, we picked up and moved to Georgetown in June of 2018. It amazes us how much we continue to discover on a daily basis that is simply not publicized. Adventures in Lexington is our passion and we want to share with you what not only Lexington offers, but the 19 communities surrounding it.

We are always up for a good meal, an overnight stay, a weekend getaway, a festival or really anything that has to do with, “Eat, Stay, Play…..Repeat.” If it has to do with Lexington, the surrounding area or the great state of Kentucky, let’s talk.

Let’s Work Together

Each destination is different and we get that. We offer packages and services to feature your product, brand or destination no matter how big or small. Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsored social media content
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Product reviews
  • Photo shoots
  • Event coverage

A Few Notes

We do not promote products, brands or destinations we have not personally tried or experienced. We do not promote anything we don’t believe in or love. So, it you want us to write about your product or destination, we will need to test it or experience it first-hand.

Finally, we are not able to work for free or on an exchange basis. Our mortgage and utility company won’t allow us to pay them with comped products or exposure. Until that happens, we appreciate your understanding.