Saturday Mornings are Meant for Farmers Markets

Saturday Mornings are Meant for Farmers Markets

I love a good farmer’s market. While I’ve been here in Murfreesboro, TN, every Saturday morning I head to the town square for one of the largest farmer’s markets I’ve ever been to.

With nearly 60 vendors each week, there is surely something here to please everyone. There are plant vendors with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. There are craft vendors with home made wares.

There are bakeries and farmers with the freshest cinnamon roles, beef and vegetables week after week. The tables are teeming with fresh, flavorful goodness.

It’s fun to see the vendors week after week, many of them remembering you from the week before. Of course, I have my favorites already! I love starting my weekend here with a good cup of fresh juice and a freshly baked cinnamon role. I do all of my veggie shopping for the week and pick up a package of meat or two. There is always something amazing here – check it out if you are ever in this area of town or even nearby – it’s worth the drive.

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