Spend an Entire Day at the Distillery District

Spend an Entire Day at the Distillery District

When we first moved to Georgetown, we didn’t know much about Lexington outside of the Horse Park and University of Kentucky. We started asking around to see where we should visit that would give us a unique experience or fun “night on the town.” Several people recommended we check out the Distillery District over on Manchester.

Shortly after the Civil War, the Headley & Farra Company stared a distillery in Lexington. This distillery was acquired by the James E Pepper Distillery in 1879 and quickly built six warehouses with the capacity of almost 50,000 barrels of whiskey. Following Prohibition in 1933 the Distillery sold their company to Schenley Products Corporation of New York.


In 1934 several of the buildings at the Distillery burned to the ground in a massive fire, but the company quickly rebuilt. Whiskey was made on the site until 1962 and the facility was used for storage until 1976 . Schenely Products sold the property in 1977. While this land was largely abandoned after 1977, the City of Lexington has worked diligently to redevelop the Distillery District.

We had a great day and could easily spend several more at this mecca of restaurants, distilleries, breweries, dessert lounge and axe throwing establishments. Our initial visit consisted of visits to Goodfella’s Pizzeria, Crank & Book Craft Ice Cream, Battle Axes and Fusion Brewery.


We started at Goodfella’s Pizzeria for their lunch special which can’t be beat. We got a large slice of pizza, an arms length bread stick and a drink for just $6. >>Read More


As if we weren’t full enough from our lunch, we decided to check out Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream for a sampler. >>Read More


Feeling like someone needed to roll us out of the ice cream lounge, we decided to work off our lunch and “snack” by heading over to Battle Axes to throw some hatchets. Way too much fun was had there. >>Read More


After a great hour of addictive hatchet throwing, we meandered over to Fusion Brewery to just hang out and have some great craft beer. >>Read More

While our day was full, we still missed a lot at the Distillery District, so it’s on the list to revisit. Maybe a tour at James E Pepper and dinner at Elk Horn Tavern is on the list for the next trip??!!

9 thoughts on “Spend an Entire Day at the Distillery District

  1. I really love the idea of testirjngvthese old buildings into something functional & fun again. We have so many building shells in our community, I wish we would use what we have rather than building more & more new things. That area is great & you dud just scratch the surface! It’s a fun place to spend the day!

    1. I absolutely agree. They’ve done an amazing job bringing these old buildings back to life. I can’t wait to visit again and check out more.

  2. This is such a happening area in Lexington! There are several restaurants I need to try. Great review of the many things to do there!

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