Start Your National Parks Passport This Summer

Start Your National Parks Passport This Summer

National Parks Passport

When I think of National Parks – I think big – Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Denali, Death Valley and the Everglades. There are so many more parks, and they are not all huge – there are local, smaller national parks that are just as significant. I happened upon one such park while visiting Murfreesboro, TN recently. While I was in the gift shop, I came across the Passport to Your National Parks and thought this would be a great time to start one. As well, it’s a handy and informative guide to all of the National Parks. The Passport book is perfect for planning a trip and for saving memories.

I wanted something a little more significant, so chose the middle of the line deluxe version of the Passport To Your National Park book which has more spaces to collect park cancellations and the commemorative Passport stamps.

The Collector’s Edition includes information on more than 400 park sites, maps and tons of beautiful photographs.

Passport to Your National Parks 2002 Stamp Series

When visiting each park, you can get your book cancelled with a stamp that includes the date of your visit. These rubber-stamp ink markings record the name of the park and the date of your visit. The cancellations are free, but you must visit a park to get your Passport canceled. As well, you can collect the regional stamp next to the description. Each year, a series of collectible Passport stamps is issued. The set of 10 stamps, including one national and nine regional, is on one handy sheet.

Passport Stamp and Sticker for Stones River National Battlefield

By purchasing any of the official Passport books you are supporting education and experiences at the national parks across the country. Discover America’s history, culture, and natural wonders with Passport To Your National Parks®. Start planning your next expedition today!

For more information, visit the Eastern National website or any of their social media accounts.

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