The Adventure Begins with Housesitting

The Adventure Begins with Housesitting

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I’ve always loved to travel but the last few years have limited that. I’ve also been limited by pets at home, kids and various other factors. Well, the stars have aligned now and it’s time to hit the road. Through I’ll be hitting the road and housesitting and petsitting all over the country for the next year.

Trusted Housesitters

You’ll see a new tab at the top of the website, “USA Travel,” where the new places to Eat, Stay and Play will be featured. Indianapolis was the first city to be featured, and there are still more write-ups from that destination.

I’m now if the quaint town of Spring Hill, Tennessee just south of Nashville and falling in love with this state even more.

If you travel and don’t like the idea of leaving your pets in kennel facilities, or quite frankly it’s just too expensive and you’d like someone watching your house, watering the plants and bringing in the mail then check out It’s a great marriage of those that want to travel and have a petsitter and those that want to travel and watch pets.

I’m excited to bring you write-ups about new locations to Eat, Stay, Play and (hopefully) repeat.

Day 1 of my adventure I’ve already met amazing people, had one of the best sandwiches (and the biggest) at a small town gas station, met an attorney that makes amazing gin in another small town, discovered some of the best Christmas shopping for unique gifts AND booked 3 more weeks of housesitting with new friends here in this beautiful part of the country.

Join me on my adventures. Recommend new places for me to see. Tell me about your experiences if you try one of the places featured here on the blog.

If you want to join TrustedHousesitters, hit me up for a discount code – OR – if you want a housesitter/petsitter – send me a message. Here’s a link to get 25% off if you sign up.

Are you ready to explore with me?

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