The Ark Encounter FAQ

The Ark Encounter FAQ

The Ark Encounter Kentucky

Thinking of heading to see The Ark Encounter? Here are some things you should now before you go.

What is the best day to go?
Whole we can’t recommend the best day to go, we recommend going early and plan on being there all day. The off season sees smaller crowds but know that not everything is open. During the week there are a lot of tour buses bringing in groups and the weekends see more families.

How long should I plan to stay?
You can easily stay 4 – 6 hours. There are many exhibits inside the ark, many with a lot of reading.

The Ark Encounter Main Entrance Kentucky

Do I have to pay for parking?
Yes. The fee for parking is $10 and $15 for an oversize vehicle. This is not included with your admission.

Is The Ark Encounter handicap accessible?
Yes. There are motorized scooters available for rent for $35. Inside the ark, there are ramps to transition between levels as well as an elevator.

The Ark Encounter Exhibit inside the ark

Are there discounts offered?
Mothers are free on Mother’s Day. Fathers are free of Father’s Day. Former and active military are free on Memorial Day Monday and 4th of July as well as Veterans Day. These discounts are for on-site ticket purchases only.
There is a 20% discount for active duty military with ID and up to 5 family members. There is also a 20% discount for retired military only – this does not include family members. Discounts cannot be combined with a combo ticket purchase or other promotions.

Can visitors take photos and videos?
Yes, for personal use only. In some areas a flash is prohibited, but signs are posted.

The Ark Encounter architecture

How big is the ark?
510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. It is almost 2 football fields in length and 3 decks high. Plan on 3 – 4 hours just for the exhibits within the ark.

Is the ark heated and air conditioned?
Yes, they keep the temperature very comfortable.

zoo at the ark encounter

Is the ark kid-friendly?
There is lots of reading and walking. We would recommend kids be at least 7 – 8 years old. There is also a mini zoo, camel rides, playground and petting zoo which are a big hit with kids.

the ark encounter gift shot

Is there a gift shop?
Yes, there are several small one on each floor of the ark and a larger one at the exit. There is also a fudge shop at the main level.

Are there spots to have a picnic and bring in our own food?
Yes, there is a beautiful picnic area with plenty of tables.

Can I leave and come back the same day?
Yes as long as you still have your armband on.

the ark encounter on-site ticket counters

Are service dogs permitted?
Yes. Note that there are no facilities for animals and they are not allowed outside of service dogs. Please make arrangements for your pet prior to arriving at the attraction.

What is the closest airport?
CVG – Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport

How far is it to the Creation Museum?
45 minutes

The Ark Encounter
1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097
(855) 284-3275

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