The Gardens at Buffalo Trace Distillery

The Gardens at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Gardens at Buffalo Trace Distillery
The Gardens at Buffalo Trace Distillery

If you’ve never had the chance to walk the grounds of Buffalo Trace Distillery outside of taking a tour, I highly recommend it. The gardens at Buffalo Trace are beautiful and full of heritage and history.

Blanton’s Guest Cabin

Blanton’s Guest Cabin at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Built in 1935 from century-old log cabins, Albert B Blanton designed the house to be used as guest quarters for out of town visitors to the distillery. Back then, all of Frankfort’s hotels would sell out when the state legislature was in session, and distillery visitors needed a place to stay. Over the years, the building has taken on many functions, being converted into a visitor center and offices. Today, it continues to serve guests in a different capacity. The wings serve as private spaces for events while the main section is a gallery to highlight the national historic landmark and Albert Blanton’s legacy.

The Clubhouse at Buffalo Trace

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse is an event space that can accommodate groups in size from 30 – 200 and overlooks the gardens at Buffalo Trace, including an expansive tree shaded courtyard bordered by a stream and floral gardens.


Thunder Statue

Thunder statue

Carved from a single block of limestone to honor the majesty of migrating buffalo in a wilderness past.

This sculpture stands over 5 feet high, is 7.5 feet long, and weighs 9,200 pounds. The stone blocks surrounding Thunder are re-purposed from building structures located on the grounds. Installed in 2017.

Playground at Buffalo Trace

Playground at Buffalo Trace

If the kids are with you, let them run and play on this beautiful playground. A bench under the shade tree provides a place for tired parents or grandparents to rest while the kids burn off some steam.

Stony Point

Continue up the hill to Stony Point and check out the Botanical Gardens. If you haven’t taken a Distillery Tour, make sure to check out the many options offered for free.


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