The YARDS at Bluegrass Regional Marketplace

The YARDS at Bluegrass Regional Marketplace

There’s more than one hidden gem inside the Bluegrass Regional Marketplace. Did you know you can book your class, scout troop, MOMs group or any other group for that matter to learn about beef from pasture to plate at the YARDS?

The YARDS Classroom in the Bluegrass Regional Marketplace

The YARDS, which stands for Youth, Advocacy, Research, Demonstration and Sustainability is there for consumers to be educated about beef from pasture to plate. They have curriculum for students from Pre-K through college and even adult groups. The entire focus of the classroom is the science and practices of the beef industry.

The YARDS, educating consumers about beef from pasture to plate.

We met up with Niki Ellis, Director of Education and asked her to tell us about the offerings at The YARDS.

Recently a high school group visited and learned all about careers in the beef industry. The cash cow activity taught them about the many options. As well, did you know that the ASC333 Animal Science course from University of Kentucky is held weekly at the Stockyards.

The YARDS classroom curriculum for Pre-K through College students

If you have a group interested in a class, call and ask about the Beef 101 option that will teach about beef choices, nutrition and even provide cooking tips. This classroom gets a lot of use and a lot of visitors. Even if there is no event going on they still welcome visitors.

The classroom is full of interesting facts and wonderful graphics that will teach you about the beef industry.

educational classroom at Bluegrass Regional Marketplace.  The YARDS

For more information, you can call 859-278-0899 Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 4:30 or email Niki at Additional information about the classroom can also be found at

Have you attended a class at the YARDS? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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