Toyota Motor Manufacturing Offers Free Tours

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Offers Free Tours


My daughter and I recently moved to Georgetown, Kentucky and moved into a subdivision right across from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility. While I see this campus every day, I had never visited. Always curious as I had heard the tour was mind-blowing, I finally made my way over and took a tour.


From beginning to end, this free tour of Toyota Motor Manufacturing is top-notch. Start off by calling in advance to secure your spot on one of their daily tours. Tours are offered Monday – Friday, 3 times daily with an evening tour on Thursday. Reservations are strongly recommended. After booking your tour by phone, you will receive a confirmation email with important information including directions, arrival time and tour tips. Of note, you must show a photo ID when checking in for the tour. They are working on a new online reservation system and hope to have it operational in the near future.


Toyota Motor Manufacturing Experience Center

Arrive early to get checked in and see the visitors center. There are several displays here along with an interactive exhibit. It’s fun to see the difference between the first Camry produced in 1988 and a current 2018 version as they are sitting next to each other in the lobby.
The tour will start with you seeing a roll of steel and end with a completed car. This is one of the most comprehensive auto manufacturing facilities in the world. Tour guides give you information as the tram transports you to each area of the plant. You will also see that they produce engines and full body panels here as well as 3 different models of cars including Lexus.


Manufacturing Facility Tour

From the time the tram pulls away from the loading area to the end of the tour, your senses will be on overload. There is so much happening all around you that you can do this tour a dozen times or more and still miss stuff.

You’ll feel the stamping of the steel as the huge robots and machines take a flat piece of metal and transform it in front of your eyes. It’s amazing to see the robots moving methodically and welding the chassis. It takes 2 hours for these robots to completely weld a car together.

While you see so much happening all at the same time and everything moving along, it’s interesting to note that this facility produces everything just-in-time. They are only producing what they need, when they need it.

Informative Tour Guides

While there is so much going on around you, the tour guide is pointing out the various processes and filling you in on the work ethic of “kaizen” or continuous improvement. Even though it’s loud, you will be able to hear the entire tour as Toyota provides a headset for each person during the tour. Note, you will be riding in an open air tram with seating in each row for 2 people. Protective eye wear is provided and must be worn for the duration of the tour.

Besides being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of this facility and all that is happening, I was pleasantly surprised by the employees and how many waved and smiled at us as we drove by. They aren’t taught this or asked to do it – they are genuinely proud of the job they are doing and the product they are manufacturing.

After the Tour

At the end of the tour, if you have questions, your tour guide or the visitor center staff are happy to answer them. I enjoyed asking questions and hearing about the plant from our tour guide outside of the tour itself. She had lots of interesting facts and fun stories to share.

One time on this tour was simply not enough. I will be back, probably more than once. Take time to visit this facility and see the production process. You will be happy you carved out time in your schedule to see it.

Note – no cameras or phones are allowed on the tour. Lockers available in the lobby (free) for you to place items in during your visit.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Tour – Fun Facts

The Georgetown, Kentucky facility is Toyota’s largest vehicle manufacturing plant in the world. The plant is capable of producing 2,000 cars a day and more than 600,000 engines a year. 50,000 Lexus ES 350s cars are made here each year.

Since 1988, over 10,000,000 cars have been manufactured at this facility.

Toyota employs nearly 8,000 full-time employees at the Georgetown campus.

The facility is 8.1 million square feet, which is the equivalent to 169 football fields under one roof. This facility sits on over 1,300 acres.

Toyota recycles and reuses as much material as possible.

This facility uses parts from over 350 parts and commodities suppliers in the US, with over 100 located in Kentucky alone.

Operations at this facility include stamping, die manufacturing, body weld, paint, plastics, vehicle assembly, engine/axle machining and assembly.


Toyota Motor Manufacturing Tour Information

1001 Cherry Blossom Way, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
Book a tour by calling 800-866-4485
For more information about the tours, click here.

Tours are offered Monday – Friday at 9:30, 11:30 and 1:30 and at 6pm on Thursdays.

Have you been on the Toyota tour in Kentucky? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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