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Bourbon County Hemp:  “One of the chief hemp producing counties. Led production in 1810, accounting for 796 of the 5,755 tons grown in state. Two hemp mills processed 50,000 yards of fiber per year. After a slump during the Civil War, local farmers produced a crop of 569 tons in 1870.  By 1900 production declined with a brief revival during the World Wars.”

Alexander House:  “The federal style house was built for William W. Alexander, a state representative 1848-52.  His father William Alexander owned a hemp factory until 1856, which was operated by 100 enslaved people. At 600 feet, it had one of the world’s longest ropewalks. Hugh D. Alexander operated the house as a restaurant and saloon from the 1880’s to 1908.”

Alexander House
902 Main St., Paris, Kentucky