Wilson Nurseries | Butterfly Greenhouse

Wilson Nurseries | Butterfly Greenhouse

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

This past weekend we ventured out to Frankfort. After living in Kentucky for a year, we had yet to make it to the state’s capital. Much to my surprise, the Butterfly Greenhouses at Wilson Nurseries popped up in my Facebook feed the night before our adventure, and we found out about this amazing attraction.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

Wilson Nurseries consists of 28 acres of kind of plant you can possibly think of. They also have an edible plant program which consists of 350 varieties of vegetables, herbs, berries, brambles and fruit trees.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

From June – September, they also have a Butterfly Greenhouse. June 1st was their opening day of the season and the greenhouse boasted approximately 400 painted ladies, red admirals and monarch butterflies. The greenhouse is complete with butterfly friendly plants like the agastache plant.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

Wilson’s butterfly greenhouse is the largest native butterfly house in all of Kentucky. The butterfly house will grow and change through out the season and end up being home to approximately 5000 butterflies. The 3000 square feet of butterfly habitat contains 50 different plants and attracts and feeds wild butterflies.

Consider a season pass so that you can visit the habitat as it grows and changes. New butterflies will be added every few weeks. At the end of September, they will tag and release all of the butterflies.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

The Butterfly House is open Monday – Friday from 9 – 5 and from 10 – 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Adults $8, Children $6, Children under 3 are Free, Season pass $35 – $25.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

An added benefit of visiting the Butterfly Greenhouse is that if you show your hand stamp the same day you visit, you will receive 10% off your plant purchase.

Photo by The Geek Equestrian

For more photos from our adventure at Wilson Nurseries. Visit the nursery photo gallery and the butterfly greenhouse photo gallery.

Wilson Nurseries
3690 East West Connector, Frankfort

7 thoughts on “Wilson Nurseries | Butterfly Greenhouse

  1. Wow! These pictures are so beautiful. I have been living in KY for a while now and did not even know this place excited. Thank you for sharing

  2. So cool! I posted about their give away & want to visit. I’ve been a big fan of Wilson’s for a long time & love what they do + Sage restaurant!

  3. I love it, I had no idea this existed! I just went to a butterfly exhibit in Cincinnati and it was gorgeous. I’ll definitely keep this place in mind for the next time I’m in Frankfort!

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