Wordless Wednesday | Murals in Murfreesboro, TN

Wordless Wednesday | Murals in Murfreesboro, TN

Mural at Furniture Merchandise Outlet in Murfreesboro TN

I love searching out murals or as one of my friends calls it, “mural chasing” in all of the cities I visit. During my two months in Nashville and Rutherford County this summer, I’ve got a list of over 100 murals to track down.

Found the above mural at Furniture Merchandise Outlet. At first this one stumped me and then I went around to the back of the building to find it on their patio with all of the outdoor furniture. They don’t have to be open for you to see this mural, but if you want photos with it, you’re going to have to go inside and then out the back to get onto the patio.

Greenhouse Ministries has this beautiful mural painted by Experience Community Church. It’s on the side or back of the building, depending on which way you approach. It’s great for selfies and group photos as well.

Have a fun mural that we should check out – please comment below. They can be in any city, state or country.

To find out about more murals we’ve featured, check out our Murals page.

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