Yuko-En | Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden

Yuko-En | Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden


One of Georgetown’s little gems is the 6 acre Japanese style strolling garden, Yuko-En.


The park has a nice walking trail starting from the parking lot and traversing through the grounds, primarily around the koi pond. Unfortunately, the pond is in great need of maintenance and repair and koi. There is a current fundraising campaign in progress to help restore the pond. Despite this however, this is a beautiful little park and perfect for a stroll on a nice day. You can also sit and relax, read a book or just take in the surroundings.


There is a main building available for rental for special events. I’ve read of reunions, weddings and graduation parties being held here. During prom and graduation season, you will more than likely see a photo shoot or two happening.


Spring brings about the buds on the dog wood trees and the red bud trees as well as the flowers beginning to bloom. With the changing of the seasons, so changes this park, so visit during all 4 to take in the real beauty.


A few notes. Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed. Be kind to others as well as to the park and clean up after Fido should he decide to leave a present. This park is close to the water treatment plant, so depending on the wind, there can be a foul odor at times. Overall, a place you should at least stroll through once for the experience. Once you see the beauty, you just might find yourself wanting to come back again.


On the last Saturday of the month, there is a Raku demonstration in the kiln house from 11am – 1pm. Weather can be a factor, so call to confirm they are still hosting the demonstration at 502-863-0026 or 502-316-1592. Raku is a form of pottery which uses a super hot kiln and then a quick cooking process.

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